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Why Build your Own Home?

Building your own home is an ideal dream for most people. It conjures up thoughts of perfection, splendour and excellence in a world where such qualities seem increasingly deficient. The disadvantages are few and far between, whilst the advantages are bountiful. There will be obstacles to overcome and compromises to make along the way but these will pale into insignificance once the job is done and you are sitting in your new home, contented and proud of a dream fulfilled.

The Financial Incentive

The expectation of those undertaking a self-build project is that it will cost less than buying from a traditional development builder. If anything, this assumption only partly discloses the full extent of potential savings. Much depends on the amount of personal time and work you can invest in the project. If you are able to do most of the physical work and act as your own labour force, the profit-margin can double and even treble, eventually supplying you with a home to be proud of and a substantial financial asset to keep or sell.

The Guarantee of Quality

'If you want something doing well, do it yourself.' This adage is true when applied to self-build. No one will provide more care or attend more fully to your needs, requirements and standards than yourself. Builders must approach the construction of residential property within the confines of commercialism. They are restricted by time and motivated by profitability. You are free to adapt such limitations according to need and therefore can determine the amount of time and money spent on achieving the quality you desire.

Using Personal Skills

Half the battle in deciding whether to build your own home is, quite simply, having enough desire and ambition. If these are available in sufficient quantities, all things can be achieved. Your own personal skills are paramount to the success of the venture and in reducing the cost involved. By taking a serious and realistic look at yourself, you can identify strengths that will help you achieve your goal and recognise those areas where professional help is going to be needed.

Maximising Property Value

Your property value will be enhanced by the very fact that you have chosen to build the house yourself. The buying public are becoming increasingly aware of self-build homes and recognise that these dwellings usually benefit from having a higher specification than others on the market. They tend to be constructed carefully with better materials and, importantly, with attention to detail. The value is often also augmented because the property is unique. Although it may be comparative in size to neighbouring homes, it is likely to have a style and appeal all of its own.

Constructing with the buying public in mind can increase the property's value. Consider carefully the elements and features that house buyers find attractive and absorb these into the design so that, when you eventually come to sell the property, it will have instant appeal and attract wider attention. Developers invariably research this subject thoroughly before constructing new homes. You can learn from them by visiting show-homes in the area, assess the features they have incorporated in their designs and transfer some or all to your own project.

Personal Satisfaction

There is no greater satisfaction than achieving something you set out to do. But, in building your own home, the levels of satisfaction go deeper and last longer. Imagine the delight in being able to control the environment in which you and your family live. To have the space and rooms you always wanted, to enjoy a landscaped garden that meets your needs, with standards of workmanship reminiscent of craftsmen rather than tradesmen.

The house you will eventually live in will be one that meets all your needs. There will be no reason to compromise or complain about a lack of space or an inadequate number of power-sockets. Your home will satisfy everyone involved because you will have created it with your own requirements in mind. It will fit your lifestyle and the demands of you and your family like a glove. No other property will compare to the one you design and construct. Only by building it yourself can you prove you can get everything you always wanted in a home.

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