How to Write a Short Story
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How to Write a Short Story that Sells

Other than two or three magazines aimed at women readers, short story publications don't sell well - even to writers who want to get published there. Short story collections sell poorly, too. Yet the competition to get short stories published is as keen as ever. To succeed, then, you need more than talent and luck.

Don't be put off, though, by writers who complain that 'You can't sell short stories these days -editors don't want them ....' Complaints like this invariably come from unsuccessful writers who don't - or won't - recognise the true situation: magazines that use short stories can't get enough of the well written, entertaining, satisfying short stories their readers want.

The Golden Rules

Every day, editorial desks sag under piles of dull cliched sermonizing stories, lifeless formless pointless stories, sad sordid despairing stories ... Editors don't want them. Their readers don't want them. A good short story needs:

Analysing the Market

Collect at least six issues of your target magazine - a glance through one or two copies is not enough. You need a clear picture of the magazine's readership and its overall tone and style.

Now concentrate on the short stories:

Every editor lives in hope of finding a wonderful story in the morning post. The more you know about your target publication, the better your chances of making an editor's day.

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