Publishing a Children's Book
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Getting a Children's Book Published

Q: How do I prepare my manuscript for submission?

A: Start with a title page with the title in the centre, and under it, who it is by. At the top put the type of book and number of words, for example, a children's book of approximately 20,000 words, or 20,356 words (computer count); your address, email, website (if you have one) and telephone number should be in the bottom left-hand corner.

Type the manuscript in double spacing on one side of the paper only. Paper should be white A4. Coloured or tinted paper is not appreciated by editors.

Q: How do I write a book proposal?

A: A book proposal has three parts:

Q: What should I put in the cover letter?

A: Keep it short, not more than a page. Be businesslike.

Q: What should I put in the synopsis?

A: This is not a chapter by chapter outline, but an overview of the book. Try to keep it to a single page, never more than two. For a synopsis, you can use 1.5 line spacing instead of double spacing.

Q: Why do publishers take so long to reply?

A: They receive more and more manuscripts each week and staffs are frequently quite small. If they like a submission, it often has to be read by at least three people before they come to a decision. Patience is the author's watchword here. If you harass publishers, they send manuscripts back without reading them. They do not like pushy authors.

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