Sheltered Housing
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Sheltered Housing

Sheltered Housing or warden controlled flats are not classed as care homes but they deserve a mention here.

A warden is employed to ensure that residents who live in these flats are well enough and able to care for themselves on a daily basis, and to answer any emergency calls when they are on duty.

Each flat has a call bell or intercom which rings in the warden's office if they are in need of help during office hours. In order that the residents can call for help when the warden is off duty the residents are usually advised to hire a 'press-button-gadget' (sometimes called 'life line').

This is a call bell, usually in the form of a pendant, which residents can wear round their neck. When the bell is pressed it rings in an office in another building often miles away in another town or city. The person who answers will call the resident's next of kin and advise them of the problem.





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