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Example Covering Letter for an Advertised Position

If you are writing a covering letter for an advertised position, rather than on a speculative basis, you will need to stay focused. Here is an example of a targeted covering letter:

Josie M Davies
8 Leaves Road

Mrs J Prestwick
Recruitment Manager
ABC Printing Company
W00 0DY

Dear Mrs Prestwick

Vacancy JP1422 - Administrator, Printing Department Evening Newspaper 21/1/00

I was interested to read your advertisement for the above position. I have been looking for a similar role in a growing organisation to enhance my experience.

I feel I have much to offer, and hope that after considering my enclosed CV, you will agree that my experience is both relevant and adequate. For example, I have used all computer packages listed as requirements for the job.

In particular, my current role at Company A is similar enough to have provided an excellent background and experience in audit trails and office administration, but leaves me keen to progress to a larger team and organisation.

Your role has a focus on quality audit and ABC tracking, which is always a requirement in the printing industry, but your expansion plans mean that cost control and quality issues will be a particular focus for you over the coming year. I have a great deal of experience in both areas and so would be excited at the prospect of joining your team at such a time.

I look forward to hearing from you, and do hope you find my CV to be of interest.

Yours sincerely


Josie Davies, Mrs


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