Feasibility Reports
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How To Write a Feasibility Report

These discuss the practicality, and possibly the suitability and compatibility of a given project, both in physical and economic terms. They also discuss the desirability of the proposed project from the viewpoint of those who would be affected by it. Report writers must come to a conclusion, and must recommend that some action is taken or is not taken and/or that some choice is adopted or is rejected.

What Points Should I Bear in Mind?

You must be unbiased and your approach must be logical. Be sure that you know the precise purpose of the proposed project and also its scope.

What Would be a Suitable Format?

This is a suitable format for a feasibility report:

1. Abstract

2. Summary

3. Contents list (including a separate list of illustrations)

4. Glossary

5. Introduction (purpose and scope)

6. Discussion (the main body providing the evidence - use appendixes if necessary)

7. Conclusions (flowing naturally from the discussion)

8. Recommendations (flowing naturally from the conclusions)

9. References (if necessary)

10. Appendixes (see section 6).

Sometimes sections 1 and 2 are combined.

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