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A large construction project requires people with a variety of skills: site managers, site engineers, plant engineers, electricians, quantity surveyors, structural engineers, store managers, finance personnel, personnel managers, catering staff, procurement officers, and so on.

According to Expats International, many of whose members get jobs in the constructions industry, staff turnover on construction projects is high - as much as 100% over a period of 15 months. There are several reasons for this:

Working in construction means leading an itinerant life, but many grow accustomed to it moving on to another project when the one they are working on comes to an end. Some projects are short-term; others can last for years - the construction a port or an oil refinery, for instance.

It is an industry which is sensitive to economic change. In the seventies and early eighties the Arabian peninsula was an El Dorado for construction companies. But these countries have been hit by a decline in the oil price and as a consequence there are fewer construction projects. Profit margins for construction companies have grown tighter and companies are tending to recruit supervisory staff and skilled workers from Asia who are cheaper to employ.

However opportunities have opened up elsewhere, notably in Central Asia where countries are keen to build up their infrastructures. Opportunities also exist for craftsmen throughout Europe, notably Germany and Eastern Europe which is experiencing a construction boom. In Asia the gloomy economic prospects have brought construction projects to a halt.


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