Living in the UK
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Living in the UK

The UK is an exciting, eclectic, successful and progressive place to live and work in the 21st century.

With a population approaching nearly 60 million, the UK is a growing country, offering a wealth of opportunities to people of all ages, backgrounds and cultures from across the world. Consequently, becoming a UK citizen is a much prized possession.

The UK - different countries offering different things

The UK is made up of four nations or countries.


England is a country of great contrast and diversity, both in the places you can go to and in the people you meet. All the regions of England are within easy reach of the exciting capital city, London, famed for first-class culture, fascinating history and pageantry, its world-class restaurants and theatres.


Scotland is everything you imagine - whisky, golf, romance of the clans and a wealth of castles and historic sites. The Highlands area is one of the last wildernesses in Europe.


Wales captivates visitors with its rich character and landscapes. The Welsh speak their own Celtic language as well as English and have their own culture, poetry and song, which they celebrate in concerts and unique summer festivals known as eisteddfodau.

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is known for its vibrant cities with shopping, nightlife and festivals, outdoor activities, fabulous food and unspoilt retreats where you can unwind, relax and recharge.

Key Facts and Figures

The mid-2004 population of the constituent countries of the United Kingdom is estimated as follows:

Sources: Mid-year population estimates 2004: Office for National Statistics, General Register Office for Scotland Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency.

ENGLAND 50,093,800
WALES 2,952,500
SCOTLAND 5,078,400
For more specific facts and figures, the UK government's website for the Office for National Statistics, which brings together in one place a wide range of demographic, social, industrial and economic statistics, can be found at

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