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As a UK/EU national, you have the right to live and work in Greece without a work permit, sharing the same rights as Greek nationals for pay, working conditions, access to housing, vocational training, social security and trade union membership. Your family and immediate dependants are entitled to join you and enjoy similar rights. However, there is a difference between theory and practice and you will find that a work permit is often expected. Beware the unscrupulous employers who will have you believe that, without a work permit, you are operating illegally and therefore the rate of pay will be depressed to compensate for the employers' risk.

Making the Most of the Network

The Government Employment Service in each member country of the EEA (European Union countries, Norway and Iceland ) publish details of vacancies supplied via the EURES network. EURES is a partnership of all the employment services in the EEA, to promote free movement of workers. This network is fully computerised, allowing access to up-to-date information on living and working conditions in each EEA member state. There are over 500 specially trained staff who update the information; they are called Euroadvisers and specialise in local employment issues.

Visiting Youth Hostels

Surprisingly, this is an extremely good source of local knowledge, mostly for casual and seasonal work. You would always hope to run into English speaking Europeans in a similar situation to your own.

Assessing Job Centres

UWEU nationals also have free access to the services of the Greek employment service, which is managed by the Manpower Employment Organisation Organisimos Apasholisseos Ergatikou Dynamikou (OAED). The address of the nearest post office can be found in the telephone directory (tilephonikos odigos). Further information required that cannot be provided by your nearest OAED should be addressed to the European Employment Services section at OAED head office.

Contacting Private Agencies

With few exceptions, private employment agencies are forbidden by law in Greece. Those allowed to operate are called Grafia Evrksseos Ergassias and are listed under that heading in the Greek equivalent of Yellow Pages, Chryssos Odigos. Some UK employment agencies that deal with work abroad are registered with the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (RES). If you write to RES outlining the type of employment you are looking for, they may be able to provide a list of suitable agencies that are licensed by the Department of Employment. There may be a notional charge for this service.

Getting further information

A useful directory for professionals, executives and managers is the CPEC Recruitment Guide which lists recruitment agencies and search consultants in the UK. Many of these deal with overseas assignments and some have offices abroad. Your local public reference library may have this guide. It can also be purchased directly from the authors.

Using the Press

Major Athenian newspapers including Ta Nea, Eleftheros Tipos, Eleftherotipia and Apogevmatini all carry job pages. In the north of Greece the Makedonia is the dominant newspaper. Word of mouth remains a very powerful medium for job hunting in Greece.

An English language newspaper, Athens News, also carries vacancies. Vacancies sometimes also appear in the UK press but these are usually with UK based companies. International newspapers such as the International Herald Tribune carry managerial, technical and other professional staff vacancies. Professional journals and magazines available in the UK may also be a useful source of jobs, especially if a journal is world renowned. Benns Media, a directory listing all UK trade magazines and journals, is available in public reference libraries.

You can also advertise yourself in newspapers by either contacting the newspaper direct or using an agency such as Publicitas .

Writing to Professional Associations and Unions

Another source of contacts could be the professional association or union that you may belong to. Such organizations may well have contacts with counterparts in Greece who could provide information useful to your job search. The directory Trade Associations and Professional Bodies of the UK may be useful in this respect. This directory should be available at a local public reference library.

Finding Chambers of Commerce

This is a possible source of company information. For further information on UK companies operating in Greece contact the British Chamber of Commerce in Athens or Thessaloniki.

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