Population of Canada
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The Population of Canada

There are a mere 31,752,842 (January 2004 estimate) 'Canucks'. Ontario and Quebec are the most populous provinces with Toronto and Montreal the largest cities. Montreal followed Toronto 's lead recently, becoming what is known as an amalgamated city. Amalgamation sees many of the city's suburbs join onto the city proper to become one giant mega-city. Amalgama­ tion has been controversial with residents quite opposed, but with the provincial governments going ahead with it anyway, claiming it will reduce costs (it hasn't). But, amalgamation has meant the new Toronto can now claim to be one of the largest cities in North America, with a population of 4.6 million.

Province/Territory Population Capital City
Newfoundland and Labrador 512,930 St. John's
Prince Edward Island 135,294 Charlottetown
Nova Scotia 908,007 Halifax
New Brunswick 729,498 Fredericton
Quebec 7,237,479 Quebec City
Ontario 11,410,046 Toronto
Manitoba 1,119,583 Winnipeg
Saskatchewan 978,933 Regina
Alberta 2,974,807 Edmonton
British Columbia 3,907,738 Victoria
Yukon 28,674 Whitehorse
Northwest Territories 37,360 Yellowknife
Nunavut 26,745 Iqaluit

Source: Statistics Canada, 2001 Census



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