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Perth's workforce is skilled. Almost half possess post-secondary or tertiary qualifications and two thirds have completed the highest level of secondary education.

However, there are plenty of opportunities for skilled workers in WA and the Perth region, and the area is an incredibly popular migration destination for Brits. This trend seems set to continue as WA is enjoying prosperous times. You may be able to apply for a visa under the Regional Skilled Worker scheme as they are suffering some worker shortages. Check the Skilled Occupations List and Occupations in Demand List for this region on the immigration website ahead of your visa application.

Top Industries

There are many admin and IT opportunities in Perth. Other notable industries include finance, tourism, hospitals and nursing homes, government administration, teaching, legal and accounting services. Western Australia also has thriving mining and farming communities. With just 10% of the total population, Western Australia is responsible for a whopping quarter of all Australia's exports. Also of particular note is the Perth real estate industry, which is very buoyant and employs many people in building, renovating, selling and managing real estate.

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