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Living and Working in Australia

Despite the lower wages, there is no doubt that Australia is a highly desirable place to live. In a separate survey of 215 cities, research carried out by leading company Mercer found that Australian cities continued to rate among the highest for quality of life with criteria including; political, social, economic and environmental factors, personal safety and health, education, transport and public services. Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane all feature within the top 25, ahead of cities like San Francisco, Paris, London and Montreal for all-round health, safety and good times. In 2004 Melbourne moved up from 15th place to 12th due to improved law enforcement.

Although the Australian visa process is complicated and time consuming, skilled British workers are considered a strength to the country's economy. Providing that you meet certain criteria, there is no reason why you cannot earn a good living in Australia and ther is the stunning scenery and incredible weather. It's not without good reason that the country is also one of the most popular destinations in the world for international visitors. The Australian lifestyle and stunning climate ensure that it attracts endless numbers of Brits, some of whom never leave after visiting and falling in love with all it has to offer.

Despite being the sixth largest country in the world, Australia has a lot of space but not many people. It has the lowest population density in the world - only 2.5 people per square kilometre - a far cry from the packed cities of England ! Aussie lifestyle is arguably the finest in the world and is the number one reason that most people flock to its sandy shores to live and work.

If life in Australia is appealing to you, continue reading, do lots of research and start saving those precious pounds for the ultimate trip down under!

















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